CHS Advent Quiet Day December 15

Church of the Holy Spirit Pastoral Associate Sarah Kelb will lead a Advent Quiet Day titled Holy Waiting, Holy Joy: Seeking God in Quiet Anticipation on Saturday, December 15 at Christ Church Episcopal in Harwich Port.

Join us for a day of quiet reflection in anticipation of our Lord’s birth. We will begin at 9:30 am by gathering together and will move into Morning Prayer at 10:00 am. Throughout the morning and early afternoon, three reflections will be offered by CHS Pastoral Associate Sarah Kelb, as well as plenty of time to wait for the Lord in quiet anticipation. Closing prayers and dismissal will be at 3:00 pm.

Please note that this season’s Quiet Day is going to be held off-site. Christ Church is not far away and carpooling will be available. Please call the parish office to learn more about transportation options.

Things you might like to bring:

  • Your own personal Book of Common Prayer
  • A Bible
  • Other Spiritual readings
  • Any “prayer tools” you might have such as a prayer shawl, prayer beads, a prayer rope, a prayer stool/seiza bench, or a small icon.

Holy Waiting, Holy Joy: Seeking God in Quiet Anticipation
Saturday December 15
9:30 am to 3:00 pm
Christ Church Episcopal
671 Route 28
Harwich Port, MA
All are welcome!

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