Communications at CHS

Communications at CHSGood news! We are taking the first steps toward producing a web-based newsletter at Church of the Holy Spirit. Already, a copy of Together is posted on the CHS website as soon as it is published, and there are copies of earlier editions available on this page dating back to June, 2012.

If you would like to read Together online, you can choose to receive an email each month giving you a one-click link to the current edition as soon as it is posted. To sign up for this, please send an email to by April 15. Please make sure that your email ID is correctly typed and visible, and that your full name is clear too. We will then remove your name from the distribution list for the paper copy, which will save us considerable paper and postage. We hope that many of you will request this form of communication.

We will always have a paper version of the newsletter to send to those of you who do not wish to get involved with computers, but we do want to move to a web version of Together that can also link to other information sources.

All Committee Chairs and Group Leaders, Calendar Changes: All Committee Chairs and Group Leaders should send an email to stating whether your group is meeting through the summer, and if so on what dates; and also what your plans are for starting up again in September. Our calendar is a very full, and we work our sextons hard with the many changes in room use and room layouts. And have you looked at the calendar on the CHS website? It’s interactive, up-to-date, and quite informative. Move your mouse around over various events to learn more details about that event, or click on an event listing for more information.

Photos: If you have photos of parish events, ancient or modern, please email them to, or bring them in and we can scan them. These will be used on the website at Beth Dunn’s discretion.

May Together deadline: The deadline is Monday, April 8. We are trying to keep to the
new 8-page standard; please submit brief articles that cover events and news relevant to the coming month, or very early the following month.

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