Barbara Brown Taylor at CHS April 13-14

barbara brown taylorWe are very fortunate to have Barbara Brown Taylor come to speak at The Church of the Holy Spirit this month. Barbara is a renowned writer, speaker, and preacher and we are tremendously excited to have her here with us for the weekend.

She will be speaking on Saturday afternoon, April 13, at 2:00 pm in the Parish Hall on “Learning to Walk in the Dark: Faithful Unknowing,” followed by a question and answer session. Her remarks will focus on how we can redeem darkness and fear (emotional, spiritual, physical and theological) as a place of divine presence and transformation. On Sunday, April 14, she will preach at the 10:00 am service.

The talk on Saturday has been widely publicized, so be sure reserve your ticket now!

Call 508-255-2656 or email to get your ticket to the Saturday talk. Invite a friend to come with you! Barbara Brown Taylor is renowned for appealing especially to those who consider themselves to be “spiritual but not religious.” Does this describe anyone you know?

Read more about the 2013 Angelica Center Speaker Series.

Words from Barbara Brown Taylor:

“To say I love God but do not pray much is like saying I love life but I do not breathe much.
. . . explore two distinct possibilities: 1) That prayer is more than my idea of prayer, and 2) That some of what I actually do in my life may constitute genuine prayer.”

~from An Altar in the World

“God uses whatever is usable in life, both to speak and to act, and those who insist on fireworks in the sky may miss the electricity that sparks the human heart.”

~from Leaving Church

“The whole purpose of the Bible, it seems to me, is to convince people to set the written word down in order to become living words in the world for God’s sake. For me, this willing conversion of ink back to blood is the full substance of faith.”

~from Leaving Church

“It is time to do a better job of wearing my skin with gratitude instead of loathing. No matter what I think of my body, I can still offer it to God to go on being useful to the world in ways both sublime and ridiculous.”

~from An Altar in the World

“God loves bodies. I mean that in some way that defies all understanding, God means to welcome risen bodies and not just disembodied souls to heaven’s banquet table. The resurrection of the dead is the radical insistence that matter matters to God.”

~from An Altar in the World 

Read more about the Angelica Center Speaker Series at Church of the Holy Spirit.

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