Thursdays at Three: The Birthing of the Anglican Church

henry_8Heads rolled and bodies were burned!

The birthing of the Anglican church was not easy. If you would like to hear the fascinating tale of how the great schism between Henry VIII and the Catholic Church took place, come to the north transept at 3:00 pm on Thursday, April 18. Jill and John Holmes will share with you some of the oft overlooked details of the occasion – and some of the humor – widows, did you know that back then you were referred to as a “relic?!”

On the following Thursday, April 25, we will present a look at our Book of Common Prayer and how it evolved, with special emphasis on Thomas Cranmer, who did most of the writing and translation from the Latin for the first text, issued in 1549. Many refused to say the Lord’s Prayer in English because they were afraid that then it wouldn’t work!

The third session, May 2, will include a celebration of the Eucharist using the 1559 Prayer Book and music by John Merbeck. Changes will be made following the directions in the Prayer Book, including the use of a table and not the altar.

Don’t miss these lively and informative sessions at 3:00 pm on Thursday, April 18 and 25, and May 2. All sessions are in the north transept of the main church building.

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