Spend October With Thomas Merton

RNS MERTON 40Join the Church of the Holy Spirit for a new Thursdays at Three series on The Sign of Jonas:  Launching into Thomas Merton. Thomas Merton (1915-1968) was a prolific and popular writer, activist, and mystic whose profound influence is still being felt today.

Join Fr. Adam Linton for this exciting new exploration of Merton’s life and work this October, as part of the ongoing Thursdays at Three Adult Education series. All sessions will be held in the Church of the Holy Spirit Parish Hall, beginning at 3:00 pm. Series begins October 3 and runs every Thursday through October 24.

October 3.  An introduction to Merton, overview of his work, and plan for this series.  Viewing the first portion of “Merton:  A Film Biography.” 

October 10.  Viewing the second portion of the film biography.  The Sign of Jonas.  Prologue “Journey to Nineveh” and Part One “Solemn Profession” (pages 3—87).

October 17.  Viewing the final portion of the film biography.  The Sign of Jonas.  The introductions (printed in italic) of Parts Two, Three, and Four (pages 89—93, and 125—128, and 181—183), and then the whole of Part Five “The Whale and the Ivy” (pages 229—301).

October 24.  The Sign of Jonas.  Part Six “The Sign of Jonas” and the Epilogue “Fire Watch, July 4, 1952” (pages 303—362).

While reading the indicated sections is not necessary for participation in the series, it is recommended that those who will be doing so read the indicated portions before the session in which they are listed.

The Sign of Jonas, Thomas Merton, Harvest Book/Harcourt (ISBN-13:  978-0156028004)

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