Angelica Center Speaker Series Announced

The Angelica Center for Spiritual Living Speakers Series has been announced for 2014. Last year we welcomed record numbers of parishioners, community members, and guests to talks offered by acclaimed authors Barbara Brown Taylor, Kathleen Norris, and Walter Brueggemann. This year the Angelica Center for Spiritual Living at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Orleans invites you to join us in welcoming Amy Jill Levine, Frank Griswold, and Lauren Winner as our featured speakers in 2014.


Amy Jill Levine
May 3 & 4
Amy Jill Levine is a self-described “Yankee Jewish feminist who teaches in a predominantly Protestant divinity school in the buckle of the Bible Belt.” Levine combines historical-critical rigor, literary-critical sensitivity, and a frequent dash of humor with a commitment to eliminating anti-Semitic, sexist, and homophobic theologies.

She is the author of The Jewish Annotated New TestamentThe Misunderstood Jew, and Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi.

BishopGriswoldFrank Griswold

June 21 & 22
Frank Griswold, 25th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and a leader in interfaith witness, was instrumental in Father Adam’s entrance into the priesthood of the Episcopal Church. Before becoming Presiding Bishop, Bishop Griswold was Bishop of Chicago (1987-1997) and Bishop Coadjutor (1985-1987). He was ordained in 1963 and served three parishes in the Diocese of Pennsylvania before being elected bishop.

He is the author of Praying Our Days: A Guide and Companion and Going Home: An Invitation to Jubilee.

WinnerLauren Winner
September 20 & 21
Lauren Winner is Assistant Professor of Christian Spirituality at Duke University. Dr. Winner writes and lectures widely on Christian practice, the history of Christianity in America, and Jewish-Christian relations.

Her books include Girl Meets God, Mudhouse Sabbath, Real Sex, A Cheerful and Comfortable Faith, and, most recently, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis.

Each speaker will present a talk on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm in the Parish Hall, then preach at our Sunday 10:00 am service. To help defray expenses we will continue to ask for a suggested donation of $20 per event ($50 for the whole series). It is our commitment that no one be kept from coming for reason of expense.

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