Correction: Adult Education Programs in February

Suffering predestination and hellThe Adult Education sessions scheduled for February 2-23 are as follows:

February 2 – Photo Language, with Mother Sarah Kelb.
A one-week session. “Photolanguage” is a tool that can help us to communicate our faith in a holistic way.  This includes engaging through specific images visually used to help us to talk about our relationship with God.   This tool, used to help us articulate our faith, may result in a deeper level of sharing our experiences of God.

February 9-23 – Predestination, Suffering, and Hell—And Other Cheerful Topics.
Seriously, folks: This three-week series comes from suggestions that we have some sessions on the great theological quandaries with which Christian thought has wrestled—with varying degrees of success (or lack thereof). We don’t solve the problems or come to one way of thinking about things—that’s for sure—but we will engage issues—and take a look at the processes of the Church’s theological project, itself.

Adult education is offered Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in the Parish Hall.

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