Covenant To Care

promiseCovenant to Care matches churches with Foster Care families. Church volunteer representatives meet regularly with the families, providing help with things not covered by the state allowance and which the host family may not be able to afford. Examples might be Christmas and birthday gifts, back-to-school supplies or winter clothing. CHS was one of the first churches in the program, but we do not currently have volunteers. Anyone who might consider volunteering, should contact Robin McLaughlin, 774-216-9149.

CAN YOU HELP THIS FAMLY? A woman in the Foster Family program is in dire need of
help and the Council of Churches is contacting all member churches to see if they have
someone in their congregation who is in a position to donate an automobile in running
condition. The woman is a grandmother with two children, one a 5-year old granddaughter
who is disruptive and needs to be evaluated. They all have to rely on public transportation to
get to appointments which is next to impossible on the Cape. If you have a car that you can
no longer drive and would like to dispose of without any hassle, this would be a worthy place
to donate it and you would probably receive a good tax deduction. If you would like to know more, please call the Council of Churches at 508-775-5073.

Janet & Bob Winter, CHS Council Of Churches, Representatives, Bill Heuss, CCCC Executive Committee 

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