Justice and Peace Film Series

Justice and PeaceThe Justice & Peace Committee will sponsor a series of films in June, “Thursdays at Three.” with the theme: AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Please help us decide which four to show out of the following eight films.

  1. “Inequality for All, “(90 minutes) by Professor Robert Reich, addressing the issue of wealth and poverty in America today and how this negatively effects us all.
  2. “Not my Life,” ( 83 minutes) narrated by Glenn Close. This is a documentary film about human trafficking and slavery today in 13 countries including the USA.

C . “Disturber of the Peace,”** A documentary about the life of Fr. Malcolm Boyd, Episcopal priest, author of the best seller ” Are You Running With Me, Jesus?”

D. “The Dark Side of Chocolate,” (46 minutes) A documentary investigating the exploitation of children in the cocoa production industry. (Why we should only buy Fair Trade chocolate!!)

E. “Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity,” (75 minutes) This powerful documentary probes the causes of systemic inequity in our institutions and culture

F. “Legalize Democracy,” Moveon.org (30 minutes) This explains Supreme Court cases that shaped the idea of ‘corporate personhood’ that has greatly increased the power of money to influence government.

G. “The Stones Cry Out,” by Yasmin Perni. (56 minutes) Palestinian Christians tell their story from 1948 when hundreds of thousands were forced to leave their homes and villages to the present day occupation of Palestine. Narrated by Anglican Hanan Ashrawi, and Patriarch Michel Sabbah.

H. “A Place At The Table,” (84 minutes) A documentary following three families on the social, economic and cultural consequences of 50 million Americans suffering food insecurity.

** This film is supposed to be available by June but is not yet out.
Please email, telephone or write to Fr. Ken (ksbcampbell@verizon.net or Box 306, S. Orleans, 02662 ) the four films you think we should show. You can use the capital letters to identify your first, second, etc. choices. For example you might say: I chose: A., H. C. G. You can also leave a note in the Justice & Peace mailbox in Debbi’s office. Thanks for your help!

– Justice & Peace Committee 

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