Planned Giving – Building a Bridge to the Future

beach plumsThe Planned Giving Committee is concerned with the long term financial health of our church as opposed to the Stewardship Campaign’s request for a financial commitment to support our current Operating Budget.

The Planned Giving Committee meets monthly, January through May, formulating plans to provide guidelines and information to assist our parishioners with information required to consider our church in their financial decisions.

Planned Giving is the Ministry of the Month in April of each year. Posters describing Planned Giving are displayed in the Parish Hall and pamphlets are available upon request or located in various transepts throughout the church. In addition, members of the Planned Giving Committee are available to answer questions at any time.

The Church of the Holy Spirit is similar to other non profit organizations that have relied on the generous financial support of former parishioners who have included our church in their Estate Plans. At this time, over 65 members of our church have indicated their intent to invest in the financial future of our church.

Questions for the Planned Giving Committee: email Attn: Planned Giving; or contact Wes Dreher, Chair (508-255-4433).

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