Deanery Meeting Report

Bcrocusesishop Search – A lively discussion was held about the recent Walk-Abouts to present all the candidates for Bishop. A majority of those present attended at least one Walk-About and reported that seeing the candidates in person and hearing their responses to questions was very valuable to the voting process. Biographies of the candidates and their written responses to various questions can be viewed on the diocese website, The entire session of the Walk-About held at Trinity Church Copley Square on March 15th can be viewed at this website by clicking on the appropriate spot. Please let your Deanery Representatives know about your responses and choices. Voting will occur on April 5th.

Program – St. Mary’s, Barnstable presented a new program it is hosting this summer, AMAZING GRACE, a summer camp for the children of incarcerated individuals. There is a need for individual churches to provide volunteers, supplies, and also to sponsor one of the sixteen children, ages 7 – 11 years, who will be selected to attend this special camp experience, August 17-22. Please see your deanery representatives for more information or contact Eleanor Braun, 703-999-5422.

Announcement – Grants are available through the Diocesan Annual Budget for individual congregational development projects ($2,000 -$10,000) and for deanery programs to enhance outreach ministries ($4,000) or for projects that serve women and children in need ($2,400). Other funds are available for the development of Creation Care or Green projects ($1,000 – $10,000). For further information, contact Esther Powell, Grants and Events Administrator for the diocese,

– Sara Fry and Ginny Lucil, Deanery Representatives & Diocesan Convention Delegates 

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