Announcements January 27 – February 2

PLEASE HOLD THE DATE: February 11th – Parish Annual Meeting

Thank You: Thank you to all the CHS members who so generously donated to my gift fund, on the occasion of my retirement Sunday, January 21st. It was overwhelmingly generous and I will never forget it. It has been so rewarding to serve as your organist for these years.  With love, Sandy Cole


Please remember to bring in your last year’s palms for our Ash Wednesday service on February  14.

Sunday, January 28:  Adult Education – 9 am in the Fireplace Room. Come join an ongoing study group which meets Sundays at 9 am in the Fireplace Room. All are welcome.

Sunday, January 28: Book Discussion Group – After the 10 am service in the Fireplace Room. We will continue reading Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Pastrix: reading the next three chapters, beyond 789, to 10, 11, 12. Brian and Brooke Skea

Thursday, February 1: LADIES LUNCHEON –  Oh, the weather outside was frightful…and our January Ladies Luncheon had to be cancelled for good reason. We look forward to our meeting on February 1. All you need is a sandwich to share.  We will keep the same committee unless you let me know that you can’t do it. Table decorations, Lori Linton; Chips, Sue Stevens; Paper Goods, Barbara Mahoney;  Lemon and 1/2 and 1/2, Jane Affleck;  Juice, Fay Cole;  Dessert, Betty Yearing.  Any of you wanting to help Betty, just give her a call.

Friday, February 9:  Labyrinth Walk – 10 a.m. Parish Hall – Light is the theme for our guided walk this month.  Darlene T. Hagon will focus on awakening hope and deepening faith as symbolized by the quiet, increasing light of this time of year. The Rev. Anne Koehler will open and close the walk with prayers selected to augment the theme. Dr. Margaret Rappaport will pace our entrance into the labyrinth and hold the sacred space as we walk. All are welcome to join us for the walk or to pray and meditate while seated in our softly lit Parish Hall.

Altar Flowers:  In the gallery/reception room you will find a NEW SIGN UP SHEET where you can choose which Sunday(s) in 2018 you would like to donate flowers for the altars of Church of the Holy Spirit.  Please fill out an Altar Flowers request card, available at all the church entrance and by the chart. You may choose to do this to remember someone or perhaps to celebrate a special anniversary or birthday.  For a donation of fifty dollars the Flower Guild will purchase and arrange flowers and the name(s) of the loved ones being honored will be noted in the service bulletins of the weekend services of the chosen date.

Men’s Lunch:  We will NOT meet in February and March.  Our next meeting will be April 18 at 12 Noon, in the Fireplace Room. Questions? Call Bruce Lederhouse at 508-240-2853.

CHS Artist:  The featured CHS artist for the month of January is Lydia Bell. After majoring in art, Lydia realized that it is the practice of putting brush to pigment-to water-to paper that brings the results that truly matter. This past summer she studied with Paul Riley, an international artist, on his farm in Devon, England. Please come and enjoy her show in the Gallery Reception Room. The 2018 Gallery sign up sheet is available to sign up to exhibit your craft for one month in 2018. Questions? Contact Sharyn Laughton – – 508 255 7277.

FREE SHOP:  The shop is gladly and gratefully accepting winter clothing and paper shopping bags. We are open Monday: 12 Noon to 3 pm and Wednesday: 10 am to 1 pm. Donations can be dropped off during shop hours or placed in the box outside the shop door any time the parish hall is open. Questions? Call Sharyn Laughton or email:

GALLEY WEST GIFT SHOP:  The shop is open to the public on Sundays from 11:15 am to 12 Noon and on Mondays from 10 am to 1 pm, except on Holidays. Please stop by, browse, and shop for yourself, family, and friends. Susan Owens

Habitat Bakeware Project: The Habitat Bakeware project was a huge success thanks to the participation of the many friends of Habitat. We were able to redeem the Shaw’s Stamps for enough Rachel Ray Bakeware to give each new 2018 and 2019 Habitat homeowner a covered casserole and an oil dropper bottle. Elizabeth Merritt

HEALTH MINISTRIES COMMITTEE:  We will begin our monthly health topics in January with the focus on thyroid health. Look for handouts during coffee hour after the 10 am service with additional copies available on the desk in the Reception Room.  We look forward to your feedback! We also will be including the contact information in every Together for local groups that may be helpful to you.  Ann Pike-Paris

NATIVITY SETS: Are you looking for your Nativity Set that you so kindly loaned to CHS for our December display of collected crèches? We have safely stored them in the Rev. Gail Smith’s office. Please come in to pick yours up!

PASTORAL CARE:  Please help us to provide pastoral care by sending an email to: about anyone in the parish who has gone to a hospital or nursing home, or who has suffered any major loss or life changing circumstance. If YOU are taken to the hospital please inform the staff there, that you want your home parish to be informed. The chaplain will call our office to let us know. Volunteers needed to visit people once a month. Please let me know, by this email or my personal one below. If you are already visiting someone; please let me know who they are and how they’re doing. Celia Calhoun, Coordinator (

Prayer Shawls:  Welcomed, needed at so many stressful times.  And such good projects during these wintery, often shut-in days. Knit or crocheted; all happily accepted, blessed, distributed where needed.  Thanks to all who help in this ministry. Questions or instructions needed? Please let me know. Helen Richardson

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