June 16 – 22

Sunday, June 17:  ADULT EDUCATION – After today we will be taking a two week break, meeting again on July 8 in the Fireplace Room starting at 9 am and ending at  9:45 am.

CHS Artist:  During the month of June we feature work by our many talented parish artists.  Please take the time to enter the Gallery/Reception Room and check out the amazing art work of about 10 of our artists. If you are an artist who would like to display your art at CHS, please sign up for a month in 2019. A sign up sheet will be posted soon.  Questions? Contact Sharyn Laughton – artoff@comcast.net – 508 255 7277.

Parking Lot Safety:  We’ve noticed that we have more people ignoring our “Exit Only” and “Entrance Only” signs, and driving in the exit. This is a real concern, and could result in a serious accident. So let’s look out for one another and “keep with the flow”!

PASTORAL CARE:  Please help us to provide pastoral care by sending an email about anyone in the parish who has gone to a hospital or nursing home, or who has suffered any major loss or life changing circumstance to: pastoralcare@chsorleans.org. If YOU are taken to the hospital please inform the staff there, that you want your home parish to be informed. Volunteers needed to visit people once a month. Please let me know, by this email or my personal one below. If you are already visiting someone; please let me know who they are and how they’re doing. Celia Calhoun, Coordinator (ccalhouncape@comcast.net)

Sunday, June 17:  Book Discussion Group  In the Fireplace Room after the 10 am service. We are reading “Living Jesus” by Luke Timothy Johnson, Chapter 1. Brian and Brooke Skea

Sunday, June 17Veggie Tales (Summer Church School) begins in the Creation Room across from the Nursery – we welcome visitors! Nursery care offered for infants and toddlers.

Sunday, July 1:  Youth Group Brunch – After the 10 am service, in the Parish Hall. Please
come and enjoy a DELICIOUS brunch hosted and served by our Youth Group.

Friday, July 6:  Garden Party 9 am to 12 Noon. Coffee, Real and Decaf, water, Hole in One donut holes. Bring your gardening tools or use ours. Come for a little while or all morning. There are things that ANYONE can do. Come have fun with us and make our parish grounds even more beautiful. FYI:  During our Ice Cream Social there was much interest in the weeping tree in the corner of the Memorial Garden. It’s a Cercidiphyllum Japonicum pendula. It’s commonly called a Weeping Katsura Tree.  It’s native to Japan and China. Gilbert Merritt

LADIES LUNCHEON:  Our June Ladies Luncheon was held on Thursday, June 7 and we “finished” our year with fellowship and conversation well beyond dessert! We are taking July and August off. Please join us when we meet again on September 6. Have a happy, healthy and safe summer filled with all the wonderful things you like the most about living on Cape Cod!

CHURCH SCHOOL FAMILIES:  Visit The Church of the Holy Spirit website, click on Spiritual Formation and click on Church School. Here you will find all the “activities and events” in the Church School for May through August. It’s a beginning for Church School presence online. Soon we will offer Registration and Sign up for events and MORE online – stay tuned!

COFFEE HOUR HOSTS:  Please signup on the posted sheet in the Parish Hall. The beverages are provided, you just need to bring something of your choice to go with them! Thank you to those of you who have helped out with Coffee Hour, to keep this fellowship going.

FREE SHOP:  The shop is gratefully accepting summer clothing. We are open Monday: 12 Noon to 3 pm and Wednesday: 10 am to 1 pm. Donations can be dropped off during shop hours or placed in the box outside the shop door any time the parish hall is open. Questions? Contact Sharyn Laughton – artoff@comcast.net – 508 255 7277.

GALLEY WEST GIFT SHOP:  Have you checked out the Galley West shop recently? It’s a one of a kind shop with many wonderful items for sale. We are open daily during the Summer months and need volunteers to take a 2 1/2 hour shift. Interested? Please contact: Susan Owens, at 508-240-1788 for details. Please stop by, browse, and shop! Susan Owens

HEALTH MINISTRIES COMMITTEE:  June is Men’s Health Month! Of course, men are impacted by most major health issues. But, did you know they have their own set of specific health concerns? Please stop by the Health Ministries table during coffee hour after the 10 am service or go to the Reception Desk for materials. Ann Pike-Paris, Coordinator

PRAYER SHAWLS:  Welcomed, needed at so many stressful times. Knit or crocheted; all happily accepted, blessed, distributed where needed.  Thanks to all who help in this ministry. We’re looking for a new Prayer Shawl Ministry leader; If you are interested please contact Helen Richardson at 508-255-0065.

SUMMER CHOIR:  The choir has had their last Wednesday night rehearsal until September. All singers are invited to come any Sunday for a rehearsal in the church at 9 am to sing at the 10 am service. Since this is the only weekly rehearsal we hold during the summer, all who wish to participate on Sundays need to come to this important rehearsal at 9 am. No vestments, no procession, and a great variety of music! Joan Kirchner

Wednesday, July 11:  Nauset Interfaith Association – Beginning on this date, in the Parish Hall at 5:30 pm.  During 2018, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King, the Nauset Interfaith Association is sponsoring a 4 or 5 session study of Dr. King’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail”. Study leaders will be Ken Campbell+ and Bill Heuss+. To register call or email Ken at 413-478-5719 or ksbcampbell@verizon.net.

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