July 14 – 20

A Financial Forum will be held on Sunday, July 15, 2018 After the 10:00 am service in the Parish Hall .

Sunday, July 15:  ADULT EDUCATION – In the Fireplace Room starting at 9 am and ending at 9:45 am. Continuing on July 15, 22 and 29, we will be reading through The Rev. Ed Bacon’s book: “The Eight Habits of Love.” On Sunday, July 15 we will be looking at the habit of stillness.  Gail Smith+

CHS Artist:  The featured CHS artist for the month of July is Pia McKenzie. Come enjoy her show entitled:  Recent collages-Memory, Inspiration and My Childhood Faith. Her series of collages were completed over the past 6 months; remembering her experiences in her Christian faith as a child. If you are an artist who would like to display your art at CHS, please sign up for a month in 2019. A sign up sheet will be posted soon. Questions? Contact Sharyn Laughton – artoff@comcast.net – 508 255 7277.

Sunday, July 15:  Veggie Tales (Summer Church School) During the 10 am service, in the Creation Room across from the Nursery – we welcome visitors! Offered for infants and toddlers.

Sunday, July 15:  Book Discussion Group  In the Fireplace Room after the 10 am service. Continue with “Living Jesus” by Luke Timothy Johnson, Chapter 4. Brian and Brooke Skea

Sunday, July 22:  SUNDAE SUNDAY!  Immediately following the 10 am service, please come and enjoy a DELICIOUS Ice Cream Sundae in the Memorial Garden.  YUM!!

TUESDAY STUDY GROUP – COME JOIN US! The “Tuesday Study Group” grew out of the EfM program. Participants do not need to be EfM graduates. We meet in the Parish Library twice a month on Tuesday mornings at 10 am to discuss books related to our spiritual journeys. Though we focus on specific books for discussion, we also have time for worship and personal “checking-in” on what’s going on in our lives. Contact Sandy Marshall for more information: svm2@comcast.net or 508-255-9971.

Saturday, July 21:  A commemoration ceremony will be held at Nauset Beach at 5 pm to mark the 100th Anniversary of the attack by a German submarine on four barges being towed by a tug boat, the Perth Amboy, off Nauset Beach.  All Orleans churches, will ring their bells for this event at 10:30 am. Listen for the bells!!

AcolytesHave you ever wanted to be an Acolyte?  Now’s your chance!  We need volunteers
during the summer.  Contact Mary Anne Bragdon at  508-896-3481.

CHURCH SCHOOL FAMILIES:  Visit The Church of the Holy Spirit website, click on Spiritual Formation and click on Church School. Here you will find all the “activities and events” in the Church School for May through August. It’s a beginning for Church School presence online. Soon we will offer Registration and Sign up for events and MORE online – stay tuned!

COFFEE HOUR HOSTS:  Please signup on the posted sheet in the Parish Hall. The beverages are provided, you just need to bring something of your choice to go with them! Thank you to those of you who have helped out with Coffee Hour, to keep this fellowship going.

FREE SHOP:  The shop is gratefully accepting SUMMER clothing. We are open Monday: 12 Noon to 3 pm and Wednesday: 10 am to 1 pm. Donations can be dropped off during shop hours or placed in the box outside the shop door any time the parish hall is open. Questions? Contact Sharyn Laughton – artoff@comcast.net – 508 255 7277.

GALLEY WEST GIFT SHOP:  Have you checked out the Galley West shop recently? It’s a one of a kind shop with many wonderful items for sale. The summer hours for the GALLEY WEST SHOP have begun for July and August: in addition to Sundays, the Galley West is open Monday through Thursday from 10 am-3 pm, except holidays. When Susan Owens calls, please try to fit a 2 and 1/2 hour for the church and the Galley West Shop.  Thank you, Susan Owens.

 HEALTH MINISTRIES COMMITTEE:  “We’re going on vacation!” The Health Ministry committee will be taking time off for July and August and will bring back the Health Information table in September. Watch for information on immunizations. Ann Pike-Paris, Coordinator

PASTORAL CARE:  Please help us to provide pastoral care by sending an email about anyone in the parish who has gone to a hospital or nursing home, or who has suffered any major loss or life changing circumstance to: pastoralcare@chsorleans.org. If YOU are taken to the hospital please inform the staff there, that you want your home parish to be informed. Volunteers needed to visit people once a month. Please let me know, by this email or my personal one below. If you are already visiting someone; please let me know who they are and how they’re doing. Celia Calhoun, Coordinator (ccalhouncape@comcast.net)

Prayer Shawls:  Welcomed, needed at so many stressful times. Knit or crocheted; all happily accepted, blessed, distributed where needed.  Thanks to all who help in this ministry. We’re looking for a new Prayer Shawl Ministry leader; If you are interested please contact Helen Richardson at 508-255-0065.

SUMMER CHOIR:  All singers are invited to come any Sunday for a rehearsal in the church at 9 am to sing at the 10 am service. Since this is the only weekly rehearsal we hold during the summer, all who wish to participate on Sundays need to come to this important rehearsal at 9 am. No vestments, no procession, and a great variety of music! Joan Kirchner





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