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Planned Giving – Building a Bridge to the Future

beach plumsThe Planned Giving Committee is concerned with the long term financial health of our church as opposed to the Stewardship Campaign’s request for a financial commitment to support our current Operating Budget.

The Planned Giving Committee meets monthly, January through May, formulating plans to provide guidelines and information to assist our parishioners with information required to consider our church in their financial decisions.

Planned Giving is the Ministry of the Month in April of each year. Posters describing Planned Giving are displayed in the Parish Hall and pamphlets are available upon request or located in various transepts throughout the church. In addition, members of the Planned Giving Committee are available to answer questions at any time.

The Church of the Holy Spirit is similar to other non profit organizations that have relied on the generous financial support of former parishioners who have included our church in their Estate Plans. At this time, over 65 members of our church have indicated their intent to invest in the financial future of our church.

Questions for the Planned Giving Committee: email Attn: Planned Giving; or contact Wes Dreher, Chair (508-255-4433).

April is Planned Giving Month at CHS

planned givingDuring the month of April, we will focus on Planned Giving here at the Church of The Holy Spirit. Posters describing Planned Giving will be on display on the Bulletin Board in the Parish Hall and members of the Planned Giving Committee will be available to answer your questions. Please stop by and “see what we have for you.”

Since the founding of our church in 1933, many parishioners have supported our church with their time, talent, and financial gifts. Now it’s time to plan ahead to serve as Bridge Builders to support future generations of our church just as we are doing for our own family. The future belongs to our family members and others who will follow us at The Church of the Holy Spirit and here on Cape Cod.

With the tax season here, will you take the next step and consider creating a “Family Legacy Plan”? Do you have a Will and a Trust and is it up to date? What about your Power of Attorney documents? Are your named beneficiaries, primary and contingent up to date? Have you considered a Charitable Gift Annuity with a guaranteed life income? Have you scheduled a family meeting to review a “Family Legacy Plan” with members of your family?

Although members of the Planned Giving Committee cannot provide legal or investment advice you may find it helpful to review the Family Legacy Worksheets at our church web site ( “Get Involved, Planned Giving.” Or stop by the Planned Giving Display in the Parish Hall during the month of April for a copy of the worksheets.

Remember, you can always forward questions to members of the Planned Giving Committee by email to Attention: Planned Giving, or call the parish office at 508-255-0433.

You Don’t Have To Be A Fat Cat

FatcatLimeYou don’t have to be a fat cat to leave the church your treasures.

What do you think of when you hear the words “Planned Giving?” Most of us visualize a “fat cat” multi-millionaire leaving a few hundred thousand dollars to a charity or building a wing on a church or hospital.

Think again! The Church of the Holy Spirit Investment Fund, which has been so important to us during the past few years, was not created by a few big donors. It was built up by many contributions, large and small, from parishioners who loved the church and cared about its future.

As we look toward the future, it’s important for all of us to consider what the Church of the Holy Spirit has meant to us and whether we want to leave a legacy to help assure its financial future for the benefit of future parishioners.

The most common way to leave the church a legacy is by including the church in your will. However, depending on your situation, there may be other options which would be better for you. For example, if you are looking for some additional income right now, it’s possible to contribute to the church and receive a guaranteed life income from the investment. A Charitable Gift Annuity may provide income and tax savings which will exceed the return from most other investments. Both you and the church will benefit.

If you have any questions about the various ways you can help support our investment funds, please talk to any of the following Planned Giving Committee members: Wes Dreher, Chair; Bob Brimmer, Bil Gardiner, Mary Hammatt, John Holmes, Ernia La France, Fred Plumb, Sue Sasso, and Bob Winter.

Planned Giving at Church of the Holy Spirit

Stained_Glass_Ship_at_seaThe Planned Giving Committee is preparing for the first half of 2013. The congregation has responded to the annual Stewardship call to support the financial requirements for the calendar year 2013, and now the Planned Giving Committee is reviewing financial programs to support our future years.

The Committee extends a special thanks to the late Mrs. Frances Nickerson for her financial contribution to the Church of The Holy Spirit. Over the years, Frannie was a major supporter providing her time, talent, and treasure on numerous occasions, including the years during which she provided a “Guiding Hand” as Chair of the Altar Committee, as well as answering calls as the receptionist in the church reception room.

We also send our thanks to the fifty parishioners who have indicated their commitment to support the Planned Giving Program by including the church in their financial and their estate plans.

Members of the committee also extend a fond farewell to Anne Wardrop as she steps down as Chair of the committee. Anne was instrumental in establishing the Planned Giving Program in 2008. Her vision for our parishioners to provide future financial support for the church has proven to be very timely indeed. We welcome two new members to the P. G. Committee; John Holmes, a former church Treasurer and Sue Sasso, Chair of the Stewardship Committee.

Respectfully submitted, Wes Dreher, Chair

Learn more about Planned Giving at Church of the Holy Spirit.